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Your 30A Maternity Portraits & memories start here with Top 30A Photographer


Is this your first child? Is this your 5th child? Or are you somewhere in between? No matter which number baby, you should document the miracle growing within you with a 30A Maternity Photo Session at the beach.

30A Maternity Photographer

30A maternity portraits

As you reach 30-34 weeks of pregnancy, you begin to feel that your little bundle of joy can’t get here soon enough, and then before you know it, your pregnancy adventure is over.


How will you and your family remember the little miracles and each detail of this special time? The glow of your skin, the little fluttering kicks, the excited emotions, and the endless belly kisses.


A Beach Maternity Photography Session with you and your spouse is the perfect way to capture all of the wonder of this unique time in a stunning, remarkable way. I look forward to capturing your maternity memories as your 30A Photographer.

30A maternity photography

Click 30A Photography offers the best 30A Photographer plus excellent styling options for your 30A Maternity portrait session on the beach.


Need help with what to wear? I have a full style closet with the best beach maternity dresses to show off your baby bump.

Get camera ready with me!

Natalie Rambo, FL

“Melonie made me feel so comfortable for my maternity photos when we were in 30A for our baby moon. "

Jessica Muniz, AL

"My husband felt very awkward about doing these, but Melonie made it easy and helped him to relax and enjoy the moment."

Ashley Neal, TN

“This is our 5th baby, and LAST! We loved that Melonie captured our 30A Maternity Portraits at the beach.”
30A Maternity Photographer



$250 Beach Permit/Session Fee due to book

Choose your beach session date and time (sunrise or sunset) and pay the $250 non-refundable fee (permit is non-refundable, however it is valid for up to one year).

Note; Walton county requires photographers to have a beach permit for professional portraits on the beach

Step 2:

$500 Digital Gallery Image Downloads

Includes (50)  edited gallery images plus (3) fully retouched Images with print release. Includes (1) outfit on the shores of 30A at Golden Hour. Plus access to our maternity dress style closet - we have fabulous dresses to show off your baby bump!


2nd outfit with 25+ images | $250

2nd location with 25+ images | $250

Picnic Decor Stagging | $250

- Fly Away 30A Maternity Portraits Best Dresses -

Beach Style

Maternity Photographer in 30A

Our Features

Functionality You Will Love for your 30A Maternity Portraits with the best 30A Beach Portraits Photographer


What's your vibe?

What styles look best on the beach for 30A Maternity Portrait Sessions depend on the vibe and emotion you want to portray in your photos. Are you having a boy, a girl, are you waiting for the surprise? Let's chat to see what styles you love!

Hair & Makeup

It's Always Windy here

The beach is always windy! Always! Keep this in mind when planning your hairstyles for your 30A Maternity Portraits at the beach. Long hair will blow in face, so be sure to find a hair style that keeps hair in place... or embrace the wind as that can add an element of elegance.


Do's and Don'ts

When choosing your wardrobe for your 30A Maternity Portraits, there are a few suggestions when it comes to colors and patterns that will photograph best on the beach to keep focus on the beautiful baby growing inside.

What 2 Pack

30A Vacation Must-Haves

Shop with me! I can make it easy to pack with tips like "the suitcase pillow", my online shopping guide for beach gadgets or even browse the maternity dress closet and just one of the stunning Fly Away dresses we have and don't worry about packing a dress.

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