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30A Family Portraits
with top 30A Photographer

Family Photography Services in 30A

It feels like the years are going by faster and faster. Before you know it, your kids are all grown up and going off to college. Every moment that you have together as a family is priceless, so take the opportunity to capture memories and celebrate the moments with a 30A family photoshoot. 

And if you are in need of a 30A family photographer, Melonie Marie Photography is there to create an unforgettable and lighthearted photo session that you and your family will talk about for years to come!

30A Photographer investment and home decor options >>>

30A family photo session

30A FAMILY photography

Melonie Marie, a 30a Photographer from Click 30 Photography offers excellent family styling for your 30A Family Photo sessions on the beach. Need help with what to wear?  Her and her team firmly believe that if you don't look good, we don't look good!

Get camera ready with me!

30A Family

Functionality You Will Love with top 30A Photographer


30A Photographer-
Preserve Precious Memories: 

A professional 30A family photographer can beautifully capture your family's special moments, creating timeless memories against the stunning backdrop of the Florida beach.


30A Photographer
Professional Expertise:

A skilled 30A family photographer understands the best lighting, angles, and poses to showcase your family's natural connection, resulting in high-quality portraits that you'll cherish for years to come.


30A Photographer-
Experience the Natural Beauty:

The Emerald Coast's pristine beaches and picturesque scenery provide an ideal setting for family beach portraits that capture the essence of your vacation.


30a Photographer
Personalized Experience:

With a professional family photographer, you can customize your photo session, choosing the perfect wardrobe and location to reflect your family's unique style against the breathtaking coastal backdrop.

30A Photographer beach family photo in all white
30A Family photos at Santa Rosa Beach Florida

30A FAMILY PHOTO sessions

Beach sessions start at $500 (includes beach permit and digital files). I offer both Lifestyle (Heartfelt) family photo sessions and Classic (Posed) Portrait Sessions for your 30A photography needs.

Why do I offer two styles? With over 25 years as a family photographer, I can tell you that every momma has a different vision for her wall. Some want their families smiling back at them and some prefer to them smiling at each other!

And some... want a mixture of both for their homes! Click more details below to see the difference in styles, investment options and then choose what's best for you!


gary k, tn

"Melonie's Personalized Approach was exceptional. Tailoring the photography experience to each individual's or family's unique style and preferences for all 4 of our families visiting 30A. And I loved the large group photo of all."

Jennifer j, tx

"Her distinctive and create approach to capturing our families memories was unlike any other I have seen. She had not only by boys smiling but even my husband had a great time during our 30A family photos."

Lisa g, al

"Melonie's level of experience in working with kids and getting them to cooperate is exceptional. I count believe how quickly our 5 year old warmed up to her. She is already talking about photos for next year."

30a Photographer & Family Styling

Are You in Need of a 30A Family  Photography services?

A family photoshoot provides us a time where we can get to spend some quality time together and remind us of the love that we have for each other. It also provides an opportunity to capture you and your loved ones in their element. And, that is the goal for Melonie Marie Photography - to capture you and your loved ones while you showcase your family’s bond. So, if you are looking for a great 30A family photographer, Melonie Marie Photography is there to create images that you will be happy to look back on for years to come. With over 20 years of experience as a 30A family photographer, Melonie Marie has worked with small and large family groups and knows how to capture, both, posed and lifestyle images that represent the unique love that you and your family members share with each other. Family portraits also provide a great way to document the growth and change as a family, and it allows future generations to know their family better. 

30A Photographer family photo session fee

Get camera ready

At Click 30A Photography, with top 30A Photographer, Melonie Marie, we specialize in capturing your family's unforgettable moments on the beautiful beaches of 30a. Our team of skilled photographers & stylist use their years of experience to take stunning family portraits that you'll cherish for years to come. We understand how important it is for you to look and feel your best during your shoot, and we’ve put together some top tips to help you get camera ready. Keep reading to discover our tips for stunning family beach portraits.

Get Inspired

30A Family Portraits
Beach Wardrobe Style Ideas with 30A Photographer & Stylist

Nautical Chic:


Opt for a classic nautical theme with navy and white color palettes. Striped tops, boat shoes, and tailored shorts or skirts convey a timeless maritime elegance. Accessories like rope belts, anchor motifs, and bold sunglasses add a touch of seaside charm to the ensemble.

Navys, white, jeans, pop of red are a favorite of this 30A Photographer.

30A Photography Sessions family photos
family photo sessions in 30a

Coastal Casual:


Embrace a relaxed and casual aesthetic with coastal-inspired attire. Flowy, lightweight fabrics in soft pastel shades or neutral tones evoke a breezy, beachy feel. Think linen shirts, sundresses, and khaki pants. Incorporate natural textures such as woven straw hats, espadrilles, and beachy accessories for a laid-back yet polished look.otifs, and bold sunglasses add a touch of seaside charm to the ensemble.

Peach, soft blues, light greens, pastel yellows, and subtle pinks, khakis are perfect for your 30A Photographer session.

Tropical Bohemian:


Capture the free-spirited essence of the beach with lace, ruffles, and layered bohemian-inspired outfits. Flowing maxi dresses, off -shoulder tops, and textural accessories infuse an air of relaxed glamour. Incorporate fun, beachy accessories such as straw hats, shell jewelry, woven beach bags, and statement sunglasses for a whimsical and carefree vibe.

Creams, khakis, lacy, layers, beaded bracelets, pop of turquoise.

what to wear with 30a photographer

30A Family photographer boho fashion




beach wardrobe

When planning wardrobe colors for family photos on the beach at sunset, consider the following do's and don'ts to ensure a harmonious and visually appealing ensemble:



1. Soft and Warm Tones: Opt for warm, earthy tones such as soft pastels, peach, coral, beige, and light shades of blue. These colors complement the warm, golden light of the sunset, creating a dreamy and serene ambiance.


2. Coordination, Not Matchy-Matchy: Coordinate the color palette for the family's attire, aiming for a cohesive look without everyone wearing the exact same color. Choose harmonious colors from the same color family or complementary shades to create a visually pleasing group ensemble.


3. Neutral and Subtle Patterns: Embrace subtle patterns and textures that add visual interest without being overpowering. Soft floral prints, delicate stripes, or gentle textures can add dimension and personality to the wardrobe without looking overly busy.




1. Vibrant Neon Colors: Avoid loud or neon colors that can distract from the natural beauty of the beach and sunset. Fluorescent or bright colors can appear jarring in the sunset light and may not convey the serene mood you want to capture.


2. Overly Contrasting Colors: Steer clear of stark color combinations or extreme contrasts that can create visual tension in the photos. For example, avoid pairing black and white extremes, as they can create harsh contrasts and disrupt the overall harmony.


3. Distracting Patterns and logos: Minimize the presence of logos, large graphics, or busy prints that can draw attention away from the natural surroundings and the family's connection. These elements can detract from the focus on the family and the beautiful beach setting.



By adhering to these do's and don'ts, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing wardrobe color scheme that harmonizes with the sunset beach backdrop, allowing the family's connection and the natural beauty of the setting to shine through in the photographs.



30a lifestyle family mini session


Here are three planning tips to keep children and husbands happy during a family photo session on the beach:

1. Comfortable Outfits: Prioritize comfort over matching outfits. Instead of perfectly matching, coordinate colors and styles. Avoid busy patterns and choose clothing that allows for movement and comfort. This will ensure that both children and husbands feel at ease during the photo session.

2. Patience and Understanding: Be patient and understanding during the photo session. Children and husbands may not always be as enthusiastic about taking photos, especially in a beach setting. Acknowledge their feelings and maintain a relaxed and patient attitude throughout the session.

3. Engagement and Enjoyment: Find ways to keep children engaged and enjoying the experience. You can bring props or explore different areas of the beach to encourage natural interactions and genuine expressions. Encouraging fun and enjoyment will lead to more authentic and memorable photos.
By considering these tips, you can help ensure that both children and husbands have an enjoyable and relaxed experience during the family photo session on the beach, leading to beautiful and meaningful photographs.

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