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30A Photographer captures the magic of santa claus on the shores of 30a


30A Magic of Santa Christmas Photo Session

THE MAGIC OF Santa is coming to 30A

Interactive SANTA Adventures on the beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast


Imagine your child's amazement and watch their eyes grow wide when they meet Santa on the beaches of 30A! The Magic of Christmas will become real as they experience an interactive adventure with The Real Santa of 30A.

Watch to learn more

The 30A Magic of Santa Interactive Photo Adventure will result in beautiful fine art images that will incorporate a imaginative Christmas set, real interactions with your child and Santa plus an extra touch of "Magic"!

We offer the most stunning and timeless home decor products so you can showcase your loved ones in artwork as heirloom treasures from your Childs time here on 30A with Santa. Let Melonie Marie Photography create custom magic artwork for your family that will only increase in value as your children grow and each year passes.

Magical moments with St Nicholas on the beaches of 30A with your children is something they will cherish for a lifetime.

The Magic of Santa Interactive Photo Adventure on 30A



Each 30A Magic of Santa photo session is personalized just for your child. We understand that each child's interaction with Santa will be different and we encourage our professional Santa to interact in such a way to craft beautiful photographic moments to create your custom "Magic" art pieces.

Children of all ages are welcome, siblings alone, together or even with parents.

Our beach sets are able to accommodate a family of up to 5 people. We have matching girls Petti-skirts and PJ's available in the style closet.

Magic of Santa Christmas 30A Photographer

The Adventure

The 30A Magic of Santa interactive adventure is a magical Christmas experience that your and your children will cherish for a lifetime.

Our private interactive sessions with Santa are a Christmas adventure like no other.

Why 30A

Just like the elves Santa has in the North Pole, we have elves here in 30A that have masterfully created the Magic of Santa for your children to experience right here on 30A.

Locals and vacationers... Show your children the Magic of Santa on 30A.

What to Bring

Excitement and smiles! And parents, be sure your wardrobe matches your child's just in case you need to be included in a few.

We provide cookies, props and even kids costumes like petti-skirts or PJ's. Contact us  to see whats in the style closet or for ideas!

The Investment

Your 30A Magic of Santa session cost $250 which includes a 10 minute interactive session with Santa for up to 5 people as well as beach permitting fees & staff.

Families ordering prints and home decor will have a $100 credit applied to order.

Sand Snowman


Request a Magic of Santa Session Today!

Limited Session Available

Inquire Santa Mini

30A's Premier Christmas Adventure

30A Holiday Photo Sessions

Located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, we are Premier Photographer forTHE REAL SANTA OF 30A.

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30A Christmas Photographer

At our 30A Magic of Santa Christmas Mini Sessions, we actually bring the Magic of Santa to the beautiful beaches of 30A for your child. We offer an interactive photo session with Santa, allowing families to capture the joy of Christmas in an unforgettable moment. Our team will be there to help families create a unique and special experience that will last a lifetime.

We believe that capturing the magic of the holidays is a wonderful way to make lasting memories and we can't wait to make the season special for you and your family. Join us for a Christmas Mini Session and make your holiday dreams come true.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind Holiday adventure you will not find anywhere else, and the magical artwork created from your adventure will bring joy to your family for decades to come.

Do you have questions? We have answers! 

Is the Magic of Santa Adventure a Photoshoot? YES, it sure is. More importantly, the Magic of Santa adventure is more about the interaction between your child and their visit with Santa. It's what happens to these photos after these magical moments AFTERAWRDS that takes them to the legacy of artwork that your family with cherish for generations to come.

What about Digital Files? Your online digital gallery will be ready 2 weeks after your session. Clients are welcome to download *gallery images, however please note that gallery images do NOT include retouching and Magic of Santa Artwork. *10 Gallery image downloads are included in the initial 250 session fee due to book. Gallery images do NOT include retouching/magic of santa artwork. Additional Gallery Digitial downloads are $100 per image or (5) images for $250.

What about retouching? After choosing your gallery image favorites... it's time to add the magic! Each magic of santa image is digitally hand-painted during our post processing workflow. We carefully add individaul brush strokes to each part of the image, as well as help Santa's magic come for life for your child's memories. Artwork retouchig services start at $100 per image and is INCLUDED when printed on fine art home decor such as canvas and heirloom albums.

How do I view my images from our Magic of Santa Session? Included with each Magic of Santa 30A Christmas photo session is an online Password protected gallery. Your online gallery will be ready within 2 weeks of your session date (we also offer rush services). During your online gallery reveal, you will see the incredible adventure of your child's visit to the beach to visit Santa. We can take you though each and every luxury home decor product we offer and help you pick out the very images for eveything you desire.

What kind of products do you offer? The most popular product we offer for our Magic of Santa sessions on 30A are the Storybook Heirloom Albums. In addition to the beautiful heirloom albums, we also offer framed fine art canvas portratire, Christmas cards, blankets, beach towels and metal prints. All available to purchase from your online gallery.

How should I prepare for our session? This is what makes us different and why our clients come back to us year after year! At Melonie Marie Photography, we pride ourselves on the amazing team we have to help you plan your perfect Magic of Santa Session. From session wardrobe tips, to toddler tips with Santa, we are here for you. After booking we will be in contact with lots of tips to help your prepare your toddler and family for the session. We provide all the props and even have a style closet for your fashion needs.

What's the cost involved? There is a $250 non-refundable session fee due to book. This fee covers beach permitting fees for up to 5 people* plus time and creative considerations for conducting the Magic of Santa adventures themseles. Clients are welcome to download 10 gallery images, however these images do NOT include retouching and Magic of Santa artwork. *If you have more than 5 people in your group with Santa, please send us a text message at (850) 460-4437 for details on permitting fees.

What if it rains? The Florida panhandle has frequent bouts of rain. The good thing is... they only last a few minutes and bring in beautiful clouds - which make fore beautiful skies! Click here to see why we loves clouds for our beach sessions.

FAQ for Santa
Magic of Santa mini session in 30A Florida


250 session fee &




There is a non refundable 250 session fee due to book. Session fee includes beach permitting fees, and applicable creation fees for props, Santa, insurance, etc.

Includes up to 5 people, 10 minute photo session with digitals.

Not included: retouching and Magic of Santa Artwork

artwork for magic


Ready for artwork on your images?

While the magic begins with the interactive session with Santa, the magic becomes alive in their hearts when they see the photos with "MAGIC" of Santa added to them.

Let us add the Magic of Santa touch to your favorite images starting at 50 per image or (3) for 100

30A Christmas Mini sessions available in Santa Rosa Beach, Seagrove Beach, Watercolor Beach and other select locations along Hwy 30A in Florida.

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