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As a 30A Photographer, I'm always asked... 
what if it rains?

Welcome to Click 30A Photography! As the best 30A photographer, I know that weather doesn't always cooperate. That's why I've got rainy day back-up ideas for your family photo session, so no matter the conditions, your memories will be captured beautifully.

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30A Weather Conditions with the best 30A Photographer >>>

As a 30A Photographer specializing in beach photo sessions on the Gulf Coast at golden hour, I can tell you that there is no need to worry about rain on your photo session day. keep reading to see why I love the clouds the mid-day storm bring to the sky at sunset

The dramatic clouds that linger after a mid-day storm can add a stunning and unique element to your beach photo session at golden hour. As a 30A Photographer, I have witnessed how these clouds can create a beautiful backdrop for your photos, casting a soft, diffused light and adding depth and interest to the sky. Embrace the unpredictability of nature and let the beauty of the post-storm sky enhance the magic of your beach photo session. The contrast between the sunlight breaking through the clouds and the wet sand can result in truly breathtaking images that capture the essence of the moment. So, rest assured that even if rain graces your photo session day, the result may just be more magnificent than you could have imagined.

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When does it rain?

Rainy season is also peak season here in 30A. From May - September when the temps are in the 80's and above, we experience a brief rainstorm almost each day of the week. Keep reading to see why 30A Photographers  love these brief storms.

How long does it rain?

During Peak season, the sun is shinning and the temps are hot. We usually have a mid-day storm that blows in very quickly, drops a few harsh but cooling drops of rain, and blows back out just as quick only last an hour or so.

Do you do pics in the rain?

I try not too!!!! As a 30A photographer, it's best to keep my professional camera gear dry, I try to stay out of the rain as much as possible! However, I can plan for rainy day session if that's your goal.

Does it rain at Golden Hour?

Sometimes the storms and those amazing skies are only minutes away from each other on the beach. We will start watching the radar 12 hours before your photo session to see the best time.

Rainy Day Ideas during your 30A vacation | Tips from 30A Photographer (and a local who knows the fun stuff)

30A Photographer rainy day ideas

fun rainy day ideas with 30A Photographer

Don't let the forecast of rain worry you when it comes to planning for your 30A Vacation.


Did you know that it rains almost every day in 30A during peak season (May-Sep).


This is Mother Nature's way of making the 30A sunset even more spectacular!

30A Photographer Pink Rain Boots

30A Photographer rain back up plan

VERY RARELY does it happen, but once in a while, it will actually rain the whole day during peak season. 24 Hours before your session I will be in touch about the weather forecast, if there is a rain concern, we will discuss the option of moving to either a different date, time of day or even one of the indoor photo session options we offer so that you can still get those memories of all the family together.

If you have any questions, please feel free to text me at (850) 460-4437.

Is it better to have a sunny day or cloudy day for your photo session on the beach?

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