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Discover Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Things to do:
Santa Rosa Beach photographer

As a Santa Rosa Beach photographer, let me tell you about my home town - Santa Rosa Beach is known as one of the oldest beach towns along HWY 30-A and for the excellent food. If you’re looking for some fun things to do while visiting 30A, be sure to hit Santa Rosa Beach, there are plenty of great activities to choose from. Visit the beach to discover a beautiful white sandy shoreline where you can lie in the sun, splash in the water, or do some off-shore fishing. Another of the many things to do on SRB with your family includes building a Sand Castle. Book a private lesson and you and your family can spend hours creating an incredible sand sculpture.

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These provide great opportunities for an interactive Santa Rosa Beach Photographer photo session for you and your family. For some water adventure, grab a boogie board and play in the waves. While it’s a great way to keep the entire family entertained, just remember the rip currents are not only strong, but sometimes dangerous. Please always follow the beach flag rules. Don’t forget to take a morning stroll on Santa Rosa Beach as that's when the dolphins like to play. There are so many great things to do in 30A, Santa Rosa Beach and all along Florida's Emerald Coast that you’ll never run out of options!

Santa Rosa Beach Photographer

Santa Rosa Beach Photographer ideas and things to do with family

What's the number one thing to do while visiting Santa Rosa Beach in 30A, Florida?


Book a photographer to capture you and your family during this special occasion.

Santa Rosa Beach Photographer Family Photography sessions are done at Sunrise or Sunset to capture the golden hour light.  This is when the sky reaches peak colors.  You deserve so much more than an iPhone pic, hire a professional that will correctly expose you and the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

Santa Rosa Beach
Photographer in 30A

What sets me apart from all the others?


As a Master Photographer in Santa Rosa Beach, I understand the importance of capturing the moment as it happens.

With over 20 years experience photographing families on the beach, we know what gear it takes to correctly expose your images. We obtain required beach permits to use off camera lighting so that we always get the shot! We love to show you some "back of the camera" sneak peeks during your session! Looking forward to being your Santa Rosa Beach Photographer.

Santa Rosa Beach Photo sessions
santa rosa beach family photography

Our Family portrait session during sunset with Santa Rosa Beach Photographer Melonie Marie was incredible. Not only were the photos beautiful, but she made it easy and so much fun. My husband already agreed to do it again next year when we are here for spring break with the new baby.

Lauren T, Santa Rosa Beach Family Session


Welcome to Click 30A | Santa Rosa Beach Photographer in 30A

Melonie Marie Photography, specialize in capturing beautiful and timeless photos of families and the special moments they share. I am passionate about creating a relaxed atmosphere for each session, allowing everyone to get comfortable and feel at ease.

I am based in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, am the top 30A photographer, and am proud to offer family photo sessions in this beautiful coastal town. With its stunning beaches and breathtaking views, Santa Rosa Beach is the perfect backdrop for my photography services. I look forward to capturing your special memories in a beautiful and unique setting.

Santa Rosa Beach Photographer Services

Affordable 30A Portrait Photographer



Santa Rosa Beach Photographer


Luxury beach portrait sessions at Golden hour on the white sandy beaches of Florida Emerald Coast.

Full Service Portrait Sessions



Santa Rosa Beach Portraits

Simple photo sessions on the beach at sunrise or sunset at your vacation home or public beach in 30A.

Premier Portrait Session



Santa Rosa Beach Mini's

Quick take mini sessions on the beach. Just 10 mintues for a family of 5 in Santa Rosa Beach.

Mini Photo Session

Kid friendly events in Santa Rosa Beach

KID FRIENDLY 30A events in Santa Rosa Beach with 30A photographer plus Santa, Dan in the Sand & more

Here are three kid-friendly events to enjoy in Santa Rosa Beach on HWY30A during the holiday season:

1. Sand Castle Building: Enjoy the perfect family beach day in Santa Rosa Beach with our fun-filled sandcastle building classes! Let your kids unleash their creativity and learn the art of building amazing sand sculptures right on the beach. Our expert instructors will guide your little ones through the process, providing tips and tricks for creating their very own sandy masterpieces. It's a memorable, hands-on activity that promises a day of laughter, imagination, and beachside fun for the whole family.

2. Beach Bon fire: Gather the whole family for a magical beach bonfire family friendly event in Santa Rosa Beach! Bond over the warm glow of the fire as the kids delight in roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, and sharing stories on the pristine sandy shores. It's an unforgettable evening of togetherness, laughter, and creating cherished memories under the starlit sky.


3. Shoreline Fishing: Dad's love this photo session idea! Embark on a family shoreline fishing adventure in scenic Santa Rosa Beach, where the kids can learn the art of fishing while surrounded by breathtaking coastal views. Let me capture these unforgettable moments, ensuring that every family memory is preserved. It's a picture-perfect way to bond with nature and create lasting memories of your beach vacation.


These events provide excellent opportunities for family-friendly activities and are sure to create lasting holiday memories for kids and adults alike.

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