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Choosing a camera for your child | The P Family 30A Photo Session

Choosing the Right Camera for Your Child If your child has recently started showing an interest in photography and you are thinking about buying them their first camera, there are a few things you need to consider. As a parent you probably know that a kid’s interests can change tomorrow, next week or even next year but the good news is that you can still support their new hobby without breaking the bank.

Max Pacioretty
30A Family Photographer

Happy Sunday peeps! Tim and I are up bright and early this morning as we will be attending the 8:00am HOPE ON THE BEACH church services at Ed Waline Public Beach Access in Santa Rosa Beach today and then we get to start preparing for our Santa Photo Sessions with the 1932 Fire Engine Truck happening this evening >>>

Max Pacioretty
Rosemary Beach Family Photo Session

The P Family vacation photo session 30A Florida

Today on the blog we are excited to feature the P family. This little girl is gonna be one tough cookie with these four big brothers by her side. The summer sunset sky at Rosemary beach was in full color peak and paired with the incredible white sand on the famous 30a beaches - they are unbeatable for the perfect family photo setting. The colors mom chose for this extended family session were amazing and complimented each other perfectly. Even the grandparents got in on the action!

Max Pacioretty Family Photo
Photographer on 30A

We had so much fun with this family for this photo session. As most of you know, Tim loves to get 'chatty' while I'm hard at work getting the kiddos to smile. As I'm working away, he calls me over to inform me of a fun tip about the family - the dad actually went to Michigan for college. G O B L U E !

Not gonna lie, I love getting to photograph peeps from my home state!

Max Pacioretty
Extended Family Photo Session 30A

Here are our top 7 tips for choosing a camera for your kid.

Choose a camera that will enable your child to learn the basics quite quickly. Make sure that the controls and buttons are manageable and that the size of the camera is suited to the size of their hands. The menus should also be logical, easy to read and have intuitive icons that are easy to understand.

Max Pacioretty Family Portrait
Photographer in Rosemary Beach Florida

Children love to experiment and tend to learn faster when they can do so. An entry- level DSLR camera will allow them to adjust exposure settings such as ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Interchangeable lenses are also a great learning tool but definitely not essential as a beginner.

camera for kids

When deciding on a camera for your child, take a look at the screen. It should be large, bright and have great color reproduction. It should also be easy to use both indoors and outdoors as there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to see your images clearly on the screen due to bright sunlight.

Ensure that the sensor resolution is good enough and meets your specific requirements, especially if you want to print larger size images. In most cases a 10- 14 mega pixel camera is a sufficient for an entry level photographer.

As a first time photographer, your child will want to keep practicing so it’s important that you are able to extend the camera’s memory using a SD/SDHC memory card.

Next come the accessories. Your child will want to download their images from the camera onto a computer for editing so a USB cable will be an essential accessory.

30a rosemary beach photographer

If you are not sure that a brand new camera is the best route to go as your child pursuers their interest in photography you can also look at buying a secondhand camera instead. Feel free to reach out to us! If you follow us at all, you also know that Tim has been a camera technician for over 25 years and works with several 2nd hand camera stores. He can recommend what would work best for your Childs needs and your budget!


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