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Welcome to Click 30A Photography, where we capture your beach portrait memories in stunning detail. I'm a professional 30A photographer with a passion for preserving the beauty of the coast. With my expert eye and state-of-the-art equipment, your memories are in good hands.


Surprise Wedding Proposal | Engagement Portraits Seagrove Beach

Planning a surprise wedding proposal on the beach is one of the most romantic ways to pop the question, doing it at Seagrove Beach on 30A in Florida's Gulf Coast provides for natural draw dropping sunsets that make your heart skip a beat. Contact me for some creative ideas on how to pop the question to that special someone and let Melonie Marie Photography capture the emotion of it all. Once the excitement is over, pucker up and get ready for some engagement portraits to announce the big day!

I have a tattoo on my arm that says "Everything happens for a Reason". When I put on my face cream every morning the saying is there in the mirror reflecting back to me to remind each day to count our blessings! This session was a reminder of how the simplest of things make a difference! Read on to see why....

Landon contacted me to capture the moment he dropped to one knee to ask Kaley for her hand in marriage. We had contacted each other just days before and sent pictures of where it was going to happen and covered all our bases to make sure everything went smoothly. Our ‘i’s were dotted and our ‘t’s were crossed.... or so I thought…

Tim and I arrived to the Seagrove Beach publix access about 20 minutes ahead of time to head down and set up. Landon was going to be sending me a snapshot of him and Kaley just before they headed down to the beach so I could see their wardrobe. I was getting a little nervous when the clock hit the magic time and I still hadn't seen them come down the boardwalk yet - so I asked my hubby to help keep an eye out for them. Tim spots them... the only issue, they are on a different boardwalk WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY - like I mean wayyyy - down at the other end of the beach. And to make me even more nervous... they were walking in the opposite direction of me - I was never gonna get down there in time.

I started running - basically in slow motion - because, well I'm on the beach! But I kept running my little heart out, in slow motion, and kept trying to chase them down, just seconds before I was about to collapse to the ground, a family was on the beach and wanting a quick iPhone selfie so luckily, they asked Landon and Kaley to stop and take it... PFHEW, thank the good Lord above - I saw an opportunity to catch up a bit and bumped it up to an extra super slow motion run, however I was still too far away for Landon to notice me and they continued walking down the beach (still in the wrong direction 😂).

I decided my best bet was to run to that family they took a pic of and ask them for help. With wheezing words, I ask them to call them back to take another pic of them and explained why - they graciously helped me and got Landon’s attention and had them walk back to take another one (the decoy pic)!

It all worked out like I planned it that way - Landon finally saw me and knew it was time to make it happen!

The Seagrove Beach for this Fall Sunset proposal was outstanding and I am once again reminded of why everything happens for a reason! I thank my lucky stars above that they stopped on the beach to take that family's photo so I could catch up and thank you so much to the family that helped me get them to come back so we could surprise Kaley!

Want some great ideas for how to propose on the beach - follow my photography tips and tricks blog! #engagement session tips!


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