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Welcome to Click 30A Photography, where we capture your beach portrait memories in stunning detail. I'm a professional 30A photographer with a passion for preserving the beauty of the coast. With my expert eye and state-of-the-art equipment, your memories are in good hands.


Melonie Marie Photography - Capturing the Incredible Colors of Watercolor Beach

A family vacation is a perfect time to create lasting memories with your loved ones. And what better way to capture these memories than through photography? When it comes to family photographs, you want someone who can capture those special moments that you can treasure for years to come. That’s where Melonie Marie Photography comes in.

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Melonie Marie is an experienced family photographer who specializes in capturing the incredible colors of the picturesque Watercolor Beach. Her photographs showcase the beauty of this destination while perfectly capturing the fun and joyful moments shared by families during their vacation.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into why Watercolor Beach is a great family vacation destination, the beauty of its sunset colors, and how Melonie Marie’s photography can help you treasure these beautiful moments for a lifetime.

30A Watercolor Beach Family Photographer
Be sure to stay a safe distance off the Dunes - Watercolor Beach FL

Sunset Colors of Watercolor Beach

Watercolor Beach is famous for its beautiful sunsets, with colors ranging from pink and orange to deep shades of blue and purple. The combination of the colors of the sky and the white sandy beach creates a beautiful and unique backdrop for family photography.

As the sun sets, the colors of the sky change rapidly, which can be challenging to capture. However, Melonie Marie’s expertise in photography and editing allows her to capture the perfect moment with the perfect balance of light and color. The result is a stunning family portrait that would make you want to hang it in your living room.

We love to discuss your family photo session ideas for your next trip to 30A, contact us by text eat (85) 460-4437 or fill out the Inquiry Form.

Watercolor Beach Family Photographer
Sister on the Beach - Watercolor Florida Family Photos

Melonie Marie Photography 30A Family Portraits
Top 30A Family Photographer: Melonie Marie Photography

Watercolor Beach – A Great Family Vacation Destination

Watercolor Beach is a perfect family vacation destination, as it offers something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a day at the beach, go fishing or explore the area’s natural beauty, there’s something for everyone in Watercolor. Here are a few reasons why Watercolor Beach is a top-notch family vacation destination:

  • Beautiful Beaches: Watercolor Beach boasts crystal-clear waters and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches. You can relax and soak up the sun or take part in fun water activities such as swimming, surfing, or paddleboarding.

  • Hiking and Biking Trails: Apart from the beach, Watercolor has several well-maintained hiking and biking trails that allow families to explore the area’s natural beauty. The trails go through stunning natural landscapes of forests and rugged terrain and provide a unique experience for you and your family.

  • Sea life Watching: Watercolor is home to several unique species of sea life, including dolphins, sea turtles, and even dangerous sea life like sting rays, man-o-war jelly fish and even sharks.>

There are many wonderful things for vacationers to do in Watercolor, Florida and along the 30A highway. Here are five favorites:

1. Beach activities - One of the most popular things to do in Watercolor is enjoy the beautiful beaches. You can swim, sunbathe, surf, paddleboard, kayak and explore. There are also beach volleyball courts and plenty of space to relax.

2. Bike along the 30A bike path - Watercolor is located right on the 30A bike path that stretches for miles along the coast. Rent a bike and enjoy the scenic view of the Gulf of Mexico, quaint beach towns and parks.

3. Visit the Western Lake - Watercolor is home to Western Lake, a rare coastal dune lake. Take a kayak or paddleboard and explore the lake’s calm waters. You can also fish or have a picnic on the shore.

4. Visit the spa - Take some time to unwind and relax at the Watercolor Inn Spa. You can indulge in a range of treatments, such as massages, body scrubs, and facials.

5. Golf - Watercolor has a beautiful golf course with 18 holes designed by Tom Fazio. The course is located in a natural setting with stunning views of the lake and the Gulf of Mexico.

Purple Beach Flags: What Do They Mean?

When you arrive at the beach, you might notice a series of colored flags posted along the shore. These flags serve as safety signals for beachgoers, communicating important messages about water conditions that could affect your safety.

One flag that's worth paying attention to at Watercolor Beach is the purple beach flag. This flag is used to warn swimmers and boaters of a specific water hazard - dangerous marine life.

If you see a purple flag flying at the beach, it's important to be cautious and take precautions to avoid encounters with marine life that could sting, bite, or injure you. This can include:

- Staying out of the water: If you're not sure what's in the water, it's safer to stay on shore until the flag is taken down or the hazard is cleared.

- Wearing protective gear: If you do choose to swim or engage in water activities, consider wearing a wetsuit, fins, or other gear that can help protect you from stings or bites.

- Keeping an eye out: Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for any signs of marine life, such as jellyfish, stingrays, or sharks.

- Avoiding contact: If you do encounter marine life, it's important to avoid direct contact and move away slowly and calmly.

Remember, beach flags are there to help keep you safe. If you see a purple flag flying at Watercolor Beach, make sure to take extra precautions and stay vigilant while enjoying your time in the water.

Family Portraits in Watercolor Florida on Highway 30A
30A Watercolor Beach Sunset Family Session Walking the Beach

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