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30A photographer:
family portraits, senior portraits, couples & maternity

Welcome to Click 30A Photography, where we capture your beach portrait memories in stunning detail. I'm a professional 30A photographer with a passion for preserving the beauty of the coast. With my expert eye and state-of-the-art equipment, your memories are in good hands.


How much should I plan to spend on my 30A Photographer?

Why does it seem like all the top-notch photographers in 30A are expensive?

The cost of a top notch photographer’s services may seem exorbitant in comparison to average rates, but there are good reasons as to why they are so pricey. Here are 5 reasons why top notch photographers are expensive.

Be sure to check out video below to see how we got her out on that raft!

30a Photographer session costs
30A Photographer | Green Parachute Dress

1. Talent – Professional photographers have honed their craft to a very high level. They have mastered their camera and lighting skills, and possess an eye for beauty that few others do. A photographer’s talent takes years to develop and perfect, meaning that clients are paying for their expertise.

30A Photographer
Top Notch Photographer 30A Florida

2. Quality Equipment - Professional photographers use high-end equipment to produce stunning results. Some photographers have even invested in medium-format photography equipment, which is more expensive than the usual gear.

High Quality Camera gear and lighting used for 30A photo session
Book your 30A Photo Session with Melonie Marie Photography

3. Experience – Professional photographers have years of experience behind them, which enables them to produce results that are consistent and of a higher quality than those of an amateur. Experienced photographers are able to work quickly, conveying the right emotions and capturing moments with little room for error.

4. Quality Post-Production – Professional photographers spend a lot of time perfecting their photographs in post-production, which can be a lengthy and laborious process. This includes correcting exposure and color, ensuring sharpness, enhancing details, and more.

Masters photography degree 30a photographer
Photo Sessions with 30A Photographer, Melonie Marie

5. Professionalism – Professional photographers take their jobs seriously, always putting their best foot forward to ensure clients receive the absolute best. They comply with industry standards, allowing for an efficient and smooth experience for their clients.

Overall, there are many reasons why top notch photographers are expensive. From their skill and experience to their high-end equipment and professional approach, clients can rest assured that they’re investing in quality when they hire a top notch photographer.

How much will I need to invest for a quality photographer in 30A?

The cost of a top notch photographer in 30A can vary widely depending on services desired and the availability/experience of the photographer. You should plan to budget anywhere from $500-$1500 or more for such services.


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30 A Photographer

Let's chat about your 30A Photographer needs for family photos, senior photos, maternity portraits and events on the shores of 30A.

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