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Beachy Chic: How to Dress Your Family for Alys Beach Family Photos

When it comes to family photos, location plays a crucial role in setting the tone and style of the shoot. Alys Beach, with its pristine white sand and stunning architectural beauty, offers the perfect backdrop for a beachy chic photoshoot. As a professional photographer specializing in family photography, I've learned a few tips and tricks to help families dress their best for a photoshoot in Alys Beach. In this blog post, we'll explore how to achieve the beachy chic aesthetic and create timeless family portraits.

1. Embrace Light and Neutral Colors:

Alys Beach is known for its dreamy, all-white architecture and sandy beaches. To complement this aesthetic, opt for light and neutral colors in your family's attire. Soft pastels, earthy tones, and ivory hues work beautifully against the backdrop, creating a calming and cohesive look. Avoid wearing overpowering colors or busy patterns that may distract from the scenery.

2. Coordinate, Don't Match:

Gone are the days when families wore matching outfits for their photos. Instead, focus on coordination and complementary colors. Choose a color palette that suits your family's style and work around it. For instance, if you decide on a soft blue and white theme, have everyone wear different shades of blue and white outfits to create visual interest while maintaining harmony.

3. Incorporate Textures and Layers:

Adding layers and textures can elevate your family's outfits, bringing dimension to your photos. Consider using lightweight fabrics like linen, lace, or cotton to add movement and visual interest. Layering with lightweight sweaters, cardigans, or cute accessories can bring depth and richness to your photos.

Click play to see what a typical Alys Beach family photo session with Melonie Marie Photography is like and be sure to click here to read more about us and why our clients come back year after year!

4. Dress for the Season and Location:

The beachy chic style is all about embracing the natural elements of Alys Beach. Consider the time of year and weather conditions when choosing your outfits. Light, breathable fabrics are ideal for warmer months, while thicker fabrics and long-sleeved options can provide warmth during cooler seasons. Don't forget to bring hats, sunglasses, or beachy accessories to complete your family's look.

5. Pay Attention to Footwear:

Footwear is often overlooked but can make a remarkable impact on your overall appearance. Opt for footwear that matches the style and formality of your outfits. Barefoot, sandals, or espadrilles are excellent choices for a beachy vibe. Avoid sneakers or formal shoes that may seem out of place on the sandy shores.

6. Consider Individual Personalities:

While coordinating your family's outfits, it's essential to take everyone's individual personalities into account. Allow each family member to express their unique style within the chosen color palette. This approach will help your family feel more comfortable and natural during the session, allowing their true personalities to shine.

By following these beachy chic dressing tips, you'll be well-prepared to create stunning family portraits against the striking backdrop of Alys Beach. Remember, the key is to complement the location without overshadowing its beauty. Coordinate, incorporate textures, and dress for the season to achieve a timeless and effortlessly chic look for your family photoshoot. Capture precious memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Pink, blue, green and ivory: The perfect wardrobe colors for your Alys Beach Family Photos with Melonie Marie Photography.


This Alys Beach Family photo session I had the honor of photographing was an exquisite display of coordination and artistry. Through the skillful use of pink, green, blues, and ivory, the family's wardrobe seamlessly merged with the surrounding dunes and coastal beauty, creating a harmonious visual spectacle. It served as a powerful reminder that when in perfect harmony with their environment, even family photographs can become breathtaking works of art.

About the Author:

Melonie Marie is a professional family photographer specializing in capturing precious moments and memories. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful portraits, Melonie aims to provide families with cherished keepsakes that last a lifetime. Connect with her on Instagram @meloniemariephotography to know more about her work and for additional photography tips and inspiration. To schedule your 30A family photo session, contact us at (850) 460-4437 or complete the inquire form on the website.


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