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Welcome to Click 30A Photography, where we capture your beach portrait memories in stunning detail. I'm a professional 30A photographer with a passion for preserving the beauty of the coast. With my expert eye and state-of-the-art equipment, your memories are in good hands.


30A Family Portraits at the Park

As the weather warms up, many families are looking to capture precious memories with a family photo session. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a family photo session at a children's playground park, and the setting was simply perfect for toddlers. While many families visiting 30A for their family vacation choose the beach for their portraits, 30A Family portraits at the park are also a great option for toddlers for several reasons.

I expertly captured the beauty of the park and the joy of the family. But what made the session truly successful was how well-prepared the family was for their photo session with young children.

Here are some tips that can help parents prepare their toddlers for their 30A Family Portraits at the Park:

1. Choose a comfortable outfit: When it comes to toddlers, comfort is key. Choose an outfit that is comfortable and fits well. This will help your child feel at ease during the photo session.

2. Pack snacks and drinks: Toddlers have short attention spans and can get restless quickly. Bringing snacks and drinks along can help keep your child happy and engaged.

3. Have realistic expectations: It’s important to keep in mind that toddlers may not always cooperate during a photo session. Don’t stress about getting the perfect shot and instead focus on capturing the joy in the moment.

4. Bring Blanket to lay on: many toddlers are uncomfortable with new texture feelings, sometimes grass and and sand can be a weird feeling for them. Bringing a blanket that matches the wardrobe will allow for sitting posing on the ground.

5. Take breaks and let them play: Plan on taking breaks during the photo session to let toddlers run around and play. This will help them stay engaged and happy throughout the session.

All of these tips helped make the family photo session at the park a success. And with the beautiful backdrop of a lush green park, this setting was perfect for capturing family portraits. So, the next time you plan a family photo session with toddlers, remember to turn to a professional photographer and keep these helpful tips in mind.

During this 30A Family Portraits at the Park photo session we found just a couple left over dandelions and it was just adorable when momma and her 'mini-me' made a wish!

30A Family portrait of mom and daughter blowing a dandelion
30A Family Photographer

What are the best 30A Parks or Gardens for Family Portraits?

I get asked this question a lot as a 30A Family Photographer, so I figured I'd share them with you. While 30A is full of amazing locations to photograph for family sessions, two of my personal favorite public locations for family photos are Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach and Cerulean Park in Watercolor.

Family photo session at Cerulean Park in Watercolor
Family Photographer in 30A

Eden Gardens in Santa Rosa Beach for Family Photos location

Eden Gardens is am amazing Florida State Park that gives you a woodsy feel and flowery gardens. And of course, the most obvious photo landmarks in the park are in front of the white mansion and the water fountain. If you want to see the park at its best, go in the fall or spring. In the fall the greens aren’t as bright and you get those nice, cool temperatures. While, in spring the whole park is full of azaleas, but you really have to get your timing right. This is also a nice location to split your time at for your family session if you want beach photos too as Santa Clara Beach is just a few miles away.

Cerulean Gardens in Watercolor for Family Photos location

Cerulean Park sits at the heart of the WaterColor community, providing everyone with a serene place to kick back and relax. With the many paths zigzagging across its confines, Cerulean Parks serves as a fantastic place to for family photos, bff sessions with friends, or even family with their dog in tow. Since the park lies along the banks of Western Lake, it’s also a fantastic place to kickstart your Beach sunset family photo session so you have multiple looks. Both the beautiful garden and the beach! The Best of both worlds!

30A Family photo session in Watercolor
30A Family Portrait Photographer

Are you planning a family photo session? Please take a moment to view our other TIPS for TODDLERS when it comes to preparing for your stress free 30A Family Portraits at the park.

Are you ready to book your family photo session with Melonie Marie Photography? We would love to chat with you. Feel free to click a link below for more details, give us a call or send a text message to (850) 460-4437 and let's start planning your family photo adventure.


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