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Welcome to Click 30A Photography, where we capture your beach portrait memories in stunning detail. I'm a professional 30A photographer with a passion for preserving the beauty of the coast. With my expert eye and state-of-the-art equipment, your memories are in good hands.


30A Family Photographer | Extended Family Sessions

30A Family Photographer | Extended Family Photo Session Details.

30A Family Photographer Session Details
30A Family Photographer

Anytime of year is the perfect time to plan an extended family vacation, and there's no better destination than 30A. With its stretches of sugary white sand beaches and turquoise waters, 30A is a paradise that provides a perfect setting for a family vacation. Whether you're planning a week-long stay or just a quick weekend getaway, 30A has something for everyone.

One of the best ways to capture the memories of your extended family vacation is through a beach family photo session. Hiring a professional photographer ensures that every moment of your vacation is captured in the best possible way. And when it comes to family beach photography, Melonie Marie stands out as the best photographer in 30A. See why Melonie Marie Photography is the top 30A Family Photographer for extended family photo sessions.

30A Family portraits with extended family
Extended Family Photo Session 30A

Melonie has been photographing families along the Gulf Coast for more than a decade. Her passion and talent for capturing the perfect moment in a single photograph have earned her a reputation as the go-to photographer for family sessions on the beaches of 30A. Her photography style is candid and relaxed, allowing your family to be themselves and feel at ease in front of the camera.

30A Family Photographer
30A Family Photographer Sunrise Session

An extended family photo session on the beach with Melonie Marie is not just a chance to capture beautiful images of your family, but it is also a chance to create lasting memories. The whole family can dress up in their favorite beach outfits and spend an hour or so bonding and having fun on the beach in front of the camera. You’ll come away from the session with some of the most incredible images that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Documenting your family vacation with a beach family photo session is the perfect way to make sure that you remember the special moments of your 30A vacation. And with Melonie Marie's expertise and professional skills, you can trust that you'll receive exceptional images that you'll cherish forever. It’s an investment worth making for an unforgettable vacation!

30A Extended Family Photo Session Details

How much time do you need for your 30A EXTENDED family photo session?

Deluxe sessions typically last 40-50 minutes depending on number of people in your group and children's ages. Deluxe sessions are perfect for groups with people over 8 or for smaller families and couples looking for multiple outfits. See my workflow below to see how we work so quickly!

How many images will be in a deluxe 30A family photo session gallery?

Again, depending on children's ages and number of people in groupings, you will have between 40 and 75 gallery images from your deluxe family session with Melonie Marie Photography. Approximately 2-3 weeks after session your gallery will be ready and you5 days to choose your favorite 25 and purchase your digital downloads, upgrade to the full gallery download or order home decor and get complimentary digital downloads..

30A Family Vacation Photo Session
30A Extended Family Vacation Photo Session

My 30A Extended Family photo session workflow.
  1. I gather all family members together and introduce myself as the photographer.

  2. We cover quick posing for both the guys and gals to ensure everyone looks their best and knows how to pose to create family connection.

  3. We start with a group shot of the entire family. Starting with this pose creates a ver quick workflow that allows us to quickly and seamlessly move from one grouping to the next without moving to many individuals in and out - huge time saver!

  4. We then move onto photos of grandparents with grandchildren, aunts and uncles with nieces and nephews, and any other extended family groupings.

  5. Next up we will photograph individual family units (parents and children) and capture shots of each group.

  6. Don't forget about the couples. When doing family photos, it's important to also remember that it all started when 2 people fell in love. We will do couples photos of each couple there (while aunt/uncles are watching each others kiddos).

  7. I also love getting some candid shots where family members are interacting with each other or doing something fun like walking on the beach, an aerial shot with all family members holding hands in a circle, or a picture of all family toes in the sand.

  8. Finally, we wrap up with a final group shot with a fun ending idea and thank everyone for their cooperation!

Have a group under 8? check out our mini sessions!

Click Book Now below to schedule your Deluxe Family Session. NOTE: we only do beach sessions at sunrise or sunset - times listed on calendar are estimated due to time change, etc. This time will be confirmed after booking and can change by up to 45 minutes depending on how far in advance you are booking.

Keep reading to see why I only photography 30A Family Photo sessions on the beach at sunrise or sunset.

As a photographer, I want to capture the perfect moment that expresses the beauty of my subjects. When it comes to beach photography, it's best to take photos during sunrise or sunset. Beaches along the 30A stretch offer stunning sunrise and sunset photoshoot opportunities. Here are a few reasons why it's best to photograph family sessions on the beaches of 30A at sunrise and sunset only.

  1. The Golden Hour: Sunrise and sunset are the two times of the day that photographers refer to as the golden hour. The light during this time is soft and golden, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The ambient light during these hours is not too harsh, creating an excellent environment to capture friskiness.

  2. Vibrant Colors: During sunrise and sunset, the sky offers a beautiful array of colors, ranging from pastel hues to bold and vibrant tones. The soft light at these times soften colors and makes them pop, giving your photos a dreamlike atmosphere.

  3. Dramatic Silhouettes: The sun's position during sunrise and sunset offers an excellent opportunity to use silhouettes in your photographs. Placing a subject against a stunning background and taking a silhouette photograph can make for a dramatic image.

  4. Fewer Crowds: During the golden hour, there are usually fewer crowds at the beaches of 30A. This allows you more space to get creative with your compositions and capture the perfect shot.

  5. Consistent Photo Quality: When you're taking photos at the beach, the light conditions can change consistently, but during the golden hour, you can rely on consistent light for an extended period, allowing you to take consistent photos throughout your session.

In conclusion, sunrise and sunset offer the best time to capture stunning family sessions on the beaches of 30A. These hours offer the best soft light and provide a perfect atmosphere for photoshoots. So, make an appointment with us at these times and take advantage of this beautiful opportunity to create spectacular photographs that you will love forever.

30A Family Portrait Photographer
30A Family Portraits Home Decor

Why is sunlight on the beach bad for portrait sessions?

On the Beaches of 30A, about an hour after sunrise and up to an hour before sunset, the sun will be in full rise and shining down on the beaches for your to enjoy. But that same light is horrible for portraits. here's why.

During these hours, the sun is very bright, very hot and very harsh. Harsh sunlight can cause shadows in a portrait and can also emphasize the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections on the subject's face. This is because harsh sunlight creates strong contrasts of light and dark areas, which can highlight the texture and detail of the skin. To create a more flattering portrait, softer and more diffused light sources, such as a cloudy day or a shaded area like a garden or park, can be used to reduce the appearance of shadows and wrinkles on the subject's face.

Are you ready to schedule your DELUXE family photo session with us? Click link below to get started!


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