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Welcome to Click 30A Photography, where we capture your beach portrait memories in stunning detail. I'm a professional 30A photographer with a passion for preserving the beauty of the coast. With my expert eye and state-of-the-art equipment, your memories are in good hands.


The Real Santa & 30A Photographer visits Cerulean Park in Watercolor

A Magical Family Photo Session at Cerulean Park in Watercolor with The Real Santa of 30A and the top 30A Photographer, Melonie Marie from Click 30A Photography in Santa Rosa Beach.

Cerulean Park in Watercolor Photo Session

Hey there! I recently had the pleasure of documenting a heartwarming family photo session at the picturesque Cerulean Park in Watercolor, Florida. It was a rainy afternoon, but it was filled with laughter, giggles, and the enchanting presence of The Real Santa of 30A, creating unforgettable memories for one 30A Local family.

Cerulean Park in Watercolor Photo Session

Cerulean Park in Watercolor Photo Session with the Best 30A Photographer

Cerulean Park, nestled in the heart of Watercolor, provided the perfect backdrop for this special photo shoot. The lush greenery, holiday lights, and serene atmosphere of the park offered an idyllic setting to capture timeless family moments against the beautiful Christmas scenery.

Cerulean Park in Watercolor Photo Session

As the family frolicked amidst the natural splendor of Cerulean Park, I had the honor of freeze-framing their joyous interactions, preserving their genuine laughter and affection in every photograph. The playful energy of the children, the tender embraces between family members, and the candid moments of pure bliss truly encapsulated the essence of familial love.

Cerulean Park in Watercolor Photo Session

Adding an extra touch of enchantment to this already magical day, The Real Santa of 30A made a surprise appearance, spreading holiday cheer and creating an atmosphere of wonder and joy. His presence brought an extra twinkle to the children's eyes and infused the entire session with a sense of festive delight.

Cerulean Park in Watercolor Photo Session

The images from this family photo session at Cerulean Park in Watercolor capture not only the outward beauty of the surroundings but also the inner warmth and harmony of the 30A Local family. Each photograph is a treasure trove of cherished memories, reflecting the bonds of love and togetherness that define the essence of family.

It was a privilege to witness and capture the love and laughter that filled the air during this heartwarming family photo session. The images serve as a testament to the enduring magic of family and the joy of creating lasting memories together.

Cerulean Park in Watercolor Photo Session

Cheers to the 30A Local family and The Real Santa of 30A for allowing me to be part of this beautiful experience and for creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. Until next time, may your lives be filled with love, laughter, and the magic of cherished moments with your loved ones.


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