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Welcome to Click 30A Photography, where we capture your beach portrait memories in stunning detail. I'm a professional 30A photographer with a passion for preserving the beauty of the coast. With my expert eye and state-of-the-art equipment, your memories are in good hands.


Surprise Wedding Proposal | Miramar Beach Destin

Want to wow that special someone? Are you looking for the best surprise wedding proposal ideas? Read on.... we have some great ideas for you! Learn how you can book that dream wedding proposal photography session on the beach. #surpriseproposal
I am an experienced professional. I have been capturing special moments with my camera for over 20 years and I photograph lots of surprise wedding proposals on the beach along Florida’s Emerald Coast. It makes my heart giggle every time I get to see the excitement (and nervousness) in his eyes and the happiness and joy in hers. Nothing is more special than that moment when she says yes! Being a part of an Engagement Proposal on the Beach is such a fun experience!
Need help planning your beach wedding proposal?
Let us at Melonie Marie Photography help you in planning your perfect beach proposal idea. From taking pictures in the pouring rain to having the couple’s family run

out after to congratulate them, I’ve captured some unforgettable engagement memories on the beach.

Don't stress! I would like to ease your mind and let you know that we help you every step of the way! From Sandcastle proposals to Romantic Bohemian Beach wedding proposals - we have engagement ideas for you!

Wedding proposal and engagement portraits in Destin Florida = what dreams are made of!

Photographing a Surprise Proposal & Engagement Portrait Session on the Beach
When photographing surprise wedding proposals, I typically help the groom from start to finish! Many grooms have a basic idea in mind and after filling out our easy to use form (yes, even a groom can do it). This helps us in planning the perfect themed suprise wedding proposal.

With the couple featured below, we photographed at Miramar Beach with the beautiful view of the Emerald Coast + our Lavish, Bohemian Engagement, Message in a Bottle backdrop. #boho
One of my favorite keepsakes from the Bohemian Wedding Proposal idea is "THE LETTER". I will always have the groom (to-be) send me their own "will you marry me" letter, it get's printed out and then I attach this letter to the bottle for her to open as you two are strolling the beach and come across this adorable setup. Capturing the surprise and love is truly heartwarming.
Photographing at sunset on the beaches of Destin allows us to capture some of the most jaw-dropping engagement portraits. As the sun begins to set, the colors in the sky begin to pop! This is where the magic of light happens (thanks to my husband, who always carries my gear)!

As a professional photographer, your VYB (or style) is all about the light! When hiring a professional photographer to capture once a lifetime moments, be sure to view their entire portrait gallery to ensure their style of photography matches what your eye desires. There are as many styles of photography as there are levels of education in photography. I have my Masters Degree in Photography and I will frequently use off-camera flash for my beach session as this allows me to create images exposed for both the subject and background.

For this session, we used the Godox AD600 ProFLASH to accent light this stunning couple while keeping the background sky properly exposed!
Proposing during a sunset walk down the beach
It might seem a little cliche, but it’s very romantic. Proposing on the beach at sunset (or sunrise) is the most popular way to get engaged in Destin Florida. Planning your proposal near one of the popular area Beach Restaurants is the perfect location. It’s easy to make an excuse that you just want to walk down the beach before dinner. You can even use a fancy dinner as a reason to get dressed up nice for the evening (and don't worry about wardrobe, I have plenty of tips for you)!

Whats the best time of day? For a surprise wedding proposal on the beach, plan the proposal close to sunset time, usually about an hour before sunset is best. This gives us time to capture the surprise wedding proposal and it gives us plenty of time for engagement pictures after.

My husband and I will usually head down to the beach about 30 minutes before the big proposal and set up for you based on the theme and ideas we have discussed prior. I always like a quick text message when you arrive just to give me a heads up when you are coming. After parking - this is a great time to ask her to wait in the AIR CONDITIONED car while you "go check the wait time" at the restaurant. This is an excellent excuse for us to meet up and cover any last minute details for the session. When you get back to car, you can tell her it's an hour wait and that you can stroll the beach till your reservations are ready! Side note: Captain Daves is excellent place to eat at after our session, I would highly recommend actually putting in your name for dinner reservations!
How to hide the ring and other suggestions
One problem with proposing, during a walk down the beach, is how to hide the ring box. I have several suggestions for this. One popular idea... is the shell ring box! You are at the beach - it's perfect camouflage. They make special thin ring boxes that are easier to hide and won’t be poking out of your pants pocket and so easy to spot.
For the best camera angle of the proposal, when you get down on one knee, have one side of your bodies towards me and your other side towards the ocean. If you are perpendicular to me, I can get a good shot of you putting on the ring, with the ocean in the background and no other people in the picture. I’ve had guys propose too quickly or with their back facing towards me, so I have to run to get in a good position. If you forget or get nervous, remember to spot me and I can give you a head tilt to let you know if you need to move at all so we have the best view!
After she says yes, don't forget about the bug hug and kiss! Even lift her off the ground, that makes for a great picture. IMPORTANT TIP: If you can possibly choose a side to propose on so that her hair will be blowing back in the wind, that will help me see and capture the emotions on her face.
With the couple featured in this post, we started out with the surprise wedding proposal about one hour before sunset and got some great images of the engagement ring and bohemian backdrop. I always love surprise wedding proposals with the #boho theme. As the sun began to set over the ocean, we got some incredible skies as we played on the beach. As that sun sets, it becomes difficult for us to expose for both people and the gorgeous view of the sky our eye sees. Using the Godox AD600 (and my husband as a light stand) I added some fill light to capture gorgeous images in camera and then popped the color in Lightroom (ps-I still stay away from PS as much as I can)!
This couple was a lot of fun and she had some ideas for poses. I’m always happy to try out any suggestions. I loved the the last pose she suggested where she is showing off her ring to the camera. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. If you are planning a surprise marriage proposal in Destin please let me know. We look forward to helping you with the planning and capturing the memories that you won’t forget.


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