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Destin Beach | Family Portraits | Toddler Tips by Melonie Marie

Tuesday Tips: Family Beach portraits. This week we are going to cover some #toddler tips and tricks for your little ones when planning your family beach portraits along any of the sandy white beaches of Florida's panhandle. After booking your dream family vacation to Destin, Panama City or even one of the amazing beaches on 30A, it's then time to start planning your family beach portraits. Small or large families, these tips will help you along the way.

Let's face it.... littles are notoriously hard to get good photos of and these are the main 3 main obstacles we face: They don’t want to sit still for ANYTHING, and certainly not on the beach. Even if they do stop moving, it’s hard to get them to look into the camera as the waves and sand are much more interesting. It’s almost impossible to get a good smile from a little one just by asking for it or saying cheese.

To help get better understand what to expect from toddler pictures, I’m sharing my top #toddlertips

  • Give them someplace to sit. Many times toddlers do not like the feel of the sand or the water on their feet. Feel free to bring a neutral color blanket or prop (ie basket) that your toddler can sit on. We have many of these types of items in our studio closet, feel free to ask about items you can use for your toddler or baby.

  • Give them something to hold and to look at! The beach is distracting. There is a lot going on and sometimes the waves are loud. Give them something to look at and hold. Great examples include flowers, pearls, starfish, and seashells.

  • Interact with your toddler! The best smiles come from those where your toddler truly feels connected to YOU! Moms and dads need to wear comfortable clothing so they can bend, sit and play in the sand with their little one. The smiles and laughs will pour out from both when you embrace the moment and love.

  • Dads can have fun too! They really can. You were once young and free, put those feet in the ocean and bring back a little of your childhood and show your kiddo how to let loose and be free! It's not always about posing and looking directly at the camera, sometimes - the most cherished moments are the ones that show the love and happiness we are experiencing.

  • Dance like no one is watching - even if someone is! The key to great family images is to enjoy the experience. Don't let it be stressful and don't worry about those smiles. Let yourself relax and have fun at the beach with your family. I will take care of the rest!

Just a few more tips to make sure your toddler is ready for pics:

  1. Make sure nap times are adjusted so toddler will be alert and well rested for session.

  2. Fill up their bellies! And your's too. No one likes to be on the beach when they are hangry. Bring snacks (that do not stain) for your little one if needed.

  3. Dress appropriately. The beach is very windy, hot during peak season, and during off peak season it can actually be a little cool. Please check the weather and plan wardrobe for the appropriate weather. No one wants to be too hot or too cold.

For more information on booking your beach portrait session with Melonie Marie Photography, please feel free to contact us by email ( or by text at (850) 460-4437.

Toddler Tips #toddler


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